EMANA Initiative is a sustainable development project in Tasajera island, El Salvador. We are a collective movement that seeks, above all, to attain environmentally-friendly development that serves the needs and aspirations of the local  inhabitants  of Tasajera.

EMANA es un proyecto de desarrollo sostenible en la isla Tasajera, en El Salvador. Somos un movimiento colectivo que busca, sobre toda cosa, lograr un estado de desarrollo amigable al medio ambiente que represente las necesidades y aspiraciones de los habitantes de Tasajera.

Latest project: Health clinic in Tasajera

Areas of Work:

Learning Ecosystem Development
The transfer of knowledge and resources is essential to improving education in Tasajera. We believe stimulating learning reduces poverty. We promote the collection and analysis of ecosystem data such as fisheries, mangroves, livestock, and water quality, as means to make informed decisions. Development that meets the needs and aspirations of the local community through the implementation of adaptive collaborative governance methods.
Upcoming Projects:

There currently no upcoming EMANA projects; check again later.

Completed Project:

Health clinic redevelopment and medicines

July 30 – August 5

Our research shows that Tasajera community members are vulnerable to multiple medical conditions, a state that is exacerbated by the lack of public medical services. EMANA, together with Central Assembly of God church and local women’s group ARTESANAS collaborated to rebuild a health clinic and provide medications. Free physiotherapy clinics were also provided related, and more health-related data from Tasajeran people was collected.

Tasajera Summer School project

For a period of 8 weeks we hosted 75 kids, youth, and community members to impart free classes of different subjects including Reading/Writing, computers, English, Water Filtration, Mathematics, and Organic Gardening.

Partners: Sol de Tasajera + ADESCO Tasajera + Central Assembly of God, PA
Project page: click here


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