A New Horizon

Many days have passed since I came to El Salvador in my mission to provide developmental resources to the community of Tasajera, but it always feels like there is not enough time to accomplish all I want. On my last visit to Tasajera, from Friday June 29 to Monday July 2 (4 days), I accomplished several things.
Among the things accomplished, I installed another hydroponic system with tomatoes, directly sponsored by Dr. Russell Dodson. Also, in two separate occasions I taught small groups of people the art of Hidroponic farming and I provided them with practical guides. In another instance, I took the time to explain the group the importance of being aware of our actions and intentions in our daily lives and in our HUMEN mission, since in this project we are working to achieve something larger than just food sustainability.
As a summary to what I emphasized to them: I believe that the growth of this project, and positive outcomes, will come as a direct result of our personal growth. This means that if we live our lives with bad intentions towards others and disrespecting the laws of Nature, WE WILL FAIL.
Many other important small things for the positive, and organic, growth of our organization were done, but the main progress note that I want to emphasize on is the group bonding that is very visible now. Cristian, Francisco (Paco), Jeremias, Lazaro, and Tony can now be considered reliable HUMEN activists in Tasajera. This is an important step to reach our goal.
A New Horizon is visible in this place (Tasajera), I believe we can, and that we will… it’s all about our positive intent towards a better, brighter future.

This is our mission:

“Through focusing on co-creating change, we focus on the future and moving forward through positive intent. Change will be created through our intent and our actions. We will move forward creating peace, harmony and empowering humanity as we do. We are powerful beyond measure as are all beings on this planet, so let us use this strength as a way to move forward and live the way we would like to see the world. Not only is it important to be the change you wish to see in the world but it is also important to live the change we so desperately desire.”

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