Tasajara online

I constantly think about the best, most efficient, way to connect with the community of Tasajera. As many of you know, I live in Mansfield, PA and since I cannot be in El Salvador with frequency (although I want to) I have to develop a way to establish a solid communication with them. A communication channel is key to the success of the Humen project, because we need to be constantly monitoring our progress and paying close attention to what the community is saying.

I am a strong believer in communication, and if you think about our situation, it is not easy to establish an ongoing communication because of 2 reasons:

  1. they are not “digitally included”. Since Tasajera is a low income community in El Salvador, only a handful of people are capable of accessing the internet, and even fewer have the knowledge of how to use it. Therefore, my plan for my next trip in December is to teach a group of young men and women how to use a computer and the internet. This will allow them to be more digitally included and communicate with us through online channels like Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. The Education system in Tasajera is in terrible shape, mainly because people cannot afford the cost and stop paying the monthly fee ($10). But people cannot afford it and the school refuses to expel those who don’t pay. As a consequence, school is broke and trying to educate many kids. This makes our connectivity problem even larger.

I believe things will change, and we are working hard to see a change in this place.

Daniel Teodoro.

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