Sponsor a Student campaign

So I am going to El Salvador from December 16 – January 21, 2013. and me and my team are working tirelessly to put together a fundraising campaign.

Our project, during this time, will consist on teaching a group of young boys and girls about aquaponic farming. With this intensive educational program people can learn alternative ways of growing food in a sustainable way. Pretty much we will be doing a “Teach them how to fish, and you’ll feed them for a life-time” type of approach.

We strongly believe that education is the key to break the lock of poverty, but not just any education, we understand the basic, and most urgent, necessities of the poor people of Tasajera island.

We will break the poverty cycle one step at a time, and although we understand that poverty is a complex problem, we start by educating the youth with practical knowledge of food production. Thus, responding directly to their needs, and making a foundation of community change by working with young people, because they are the future (we know that right, let’s do something about it then).

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