A failed insurrection: a letter to my American friends.

Americans are not very familiar with the term coup-d’etat, which translates from French as “hit to the state”, or an attack on the government. Well, many countries around the world are very familiar with this term, and the fundamental consequences that an insurrection entails.

The events of January 6th should never be forgotten and the groups that led and enabled the attack on the seat of government of the United States should be identified and punished. Some call it the Capitol Siege, the Capitol Riot, but however you want to call it, it was crystal clear that it was a coordinated act of insurrection.

Sure, many were just caught up in the crowd. Many were led by their emotions. But this was a planned attack on democracy and specifically, a democratic process of confirming a legitimate transition of power. I wanted to get my opinion about the insurrection clear, now I want to address my American friends about my views of America into this decade.

Please don’t brush this under the rug.

One thing was clear about the Capitol Siege, and that was that organized militia groups that exist within the US have true separatist and insurrectionist goals. If you supported/voted for Trump for one reason or another, you know that there are far-right extremists who also supported Trump. These people and groups have different goals in mind, and that is to establish a white state, ban immigration, and disregard democracy.

That is NOT the America I know. In almost 10 years of having lived in America, I met some of my closest friends and have learned so much about the American people and culture.

The US is an example to many around the world and now is one of those times where the world will watch how Americans address this period in their history.

I urge all my American friends, both on the Liberal and Conservative sides of the spectrum, to root out extremism from their society. If you are liberal, then you have to take the step to be open to different opinions and views, be them religious, like abortion and same-sex marriage, or other things. In a democracy, everyone has the right to their own views and Liberals should be the first to understand this.

If you are conservative, then you have to be courageous enough to speak against extremist groups that plague America, like white-supremacist and neo-nazis. These groups are real threats and are terrorist organizations that should in no way be associated with Republican nor Christian values. Many Christians were worried they would lose their country to the “radical left” and instead they are losing it to the extremist right.

To close I just want to say this: One thing I learned about American culture when I moved there in 2010 was that Americans don’t like excuses. If you are late for a meeting, then you are late and that is unacceptable. In El Salvador, the late person would go on a rant about how bad traffic was or any other thing to shift the blame to someone or something else but himself.

Americans are all about accountability. This is the time to take the responsibility to rebuild your country. Not to blame the “radical left” or the Trump fanatics, not to blame anyone, but to take responsibility. To ensure accountability. To define and promote the true American values of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The world is watching and for better or worse many still look up to you.

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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Very well stated Daniel!! Let us hear each other with open ears and hearts. Let’s us move forward and learn from our past.

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