El Salvador 2022

EMANA Initiative is putting together a team, destination: El Salvador

In line with the themes of our previous trips to El Salvador, we are putting together a team with guys and girls who want to get to know El Salvador and share a bit of love along the way.

Sharing a bit of love means that you share some of your unique knowledge or experience through an educational activity that we organize in El Salvador. Like in previous trips, we like to engage with students and researchers at Salvadoran universities and facilitate spaces where local and foreign knowledge can be exchanged.


At the moment, it looks like an ideal window would be in Spring 2022, late march – early april.

What is the plan?

A group of 6 – 10 people travel to San Salvador, El Salvador, and we stay there for 15 – 20 days (with a longer version available).

We spend the first 5 days in 2 coastal regions, Surf city (touristy) and a mangrove forest (less touristy). Here, we go head first into the rural life in El Salvador, focused on the social and ecological dynamics that support communities in the beautiful and stunning mangrove coastal forests.

The next 5 days we spend in San Salvador and nearby cities in Santa Ana or San Miguel. This period is focused on the engagement with Salvadoran youth in university campuses and social or government venues. The idea here is to organize lectures, panel discussions, forums where the traveling team can connect, share knowledge with the locals and vice-versa.

Evenings in the capital can include social activities organized by locals (like museum visits or traditional dinners) where we can bond with each other and with our hosts. We believe university campuses are places were the most radical and innovative ideas are born and thus we seek those connections with university students and researchers.

The final 5 days (in a 15 day scenario), we head to the moutain regions of El Salvador, namely in the department of Chalatenango, where we explore the highest point in El Salvador , the Pital peak. Here is an outdoor camping place with cool climate and where pines and prestine rivers flow.

Operationally, this period in the mountains will be used for intra-team bonding and creative brainstorming sessions. We hope to reflect on the experiences in El Salvador and how we, as EMANA, or with you, build on this experience and develop new projects that can be implemented in El Salvador, or elsewhere.

Stay tuned…

More and more details will be added to this page in the next couple of months, and aiming to have a complete travel plan before 1-Jan-22.

If you want to hear more about this trip, please leave your contact info in the google form below. I will reach out to those interested with updates.

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