new logo. new path.

Dear reader,

Thank you for stoping by. If you are reading this is because I know you and you know me and about the work I’m doing in El Salvador. Most importantly, you know about the upcoming plans EMANA has for El Salvador this year 2022. And if you don’t think you know, then I want to tell you about these plans.

First, let me highlight the fact EMANA has a new logo. Special recognition to Ms. Alazne Echaniz for this beautiful and meaningful design. The logo contains the fundamental elements of EMANA: structure, nature, sustainability.

Our 2022 goal: To connect people across continents for initiatives that support sustainable development in El Salvador. Meaningful international relations are vehicles for the exchange of knowledge. Increasing the understanding of the challenges of sustainable development. We focus on Sustainability Science.

The 2022 plan: We have worked hard to build bridges with the Government of El Salvador in the area of sustainability science in the agricultural sector. We are working from an academic platform, but we will coordinate this plan from the EMANA platform. In other words, the organization will be open for non-academics and academics alike, but the core outputs will be science-based.

How is this going to work? EMANA will coordinate logistics for a team of sustainability professionals and practitioners to travel to El Salvador and engage on a 7-10 days program. The goal is to establish meaningful connections with local stakeholders of the agricultural/food sector and support the exchange of knowledge though a series of activities, including workshops, lectures, networking, and cultural events.

Our Salvadoran Partners:

The Salvadoran Agency for International Cooperation (ESCO)

The National School of Agriculture of El Salvador (ENA)

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