We are an El Salvador-based non-profit organization that aims to diagnose the social, economic, and environmental development of poor rural communities. With 7 years of experience working in Tasajera, la Paz, we work to facilitate development projects in the areas of education, culture, and environmental protection.

We assemble a group of college students that relate in their academic field with a primary role of the project, and we plan and sponsor their trip to the community as they execute the “planting of seeds”.

And to ensure efficient and transparent administration of the project we assign a community-led “organization” that focuses on execution and supervision of such project. A constitutional memorandum of agreement shall be established at the time of the organization’s creation, to ensure a parliamentary process of decision making and a partnership attitude towards EMANA’s role in the community.


Is to facilitate social, economic, and environmental development in impoverished communities in El Salvador, by providing assessment and technical expertise on the execution of development projects.


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