Volunteering Summer 2017


Call for volunteers & researchers

Join EMANA’s next volunteer deployment to Tasajera, El Slavador – summer 2017!

This time we planning on making a broader impact in the community and have open the opportunity for volunteers and researchers to join. We are going to build on our efforts to improve overall quality of education in the community, and at the same time supporting small business initiatives and environmental awareness. Join one of the 3 main components of EMANA’s intervention in the community and experience a life-changing and adventure.

In education,  we are going to be working with the local school assisting teachers in classrooms, developing improved teaching methods, and rebuilding infrastructure.

In addition, in line with EMANA’s “Science-Based Decisions” (SBD) campaign, we welcome and encourage student researchers to conduct research acitivities in Tasajera Island and contribute to advancing knowledge of the community dynamics, ethnography, environmental science, and more. Partner with EMANA to find common ground and benefit the overall resilience and livelihood of the community.

Finally, we are going to work alongside our Spanish partners, Sol de Tasajera and volunteers from the University of Alcala, in developing community activities that bring health and environmental awareness to the community.

Additional areas of focus include:

  • Nursing and health services
  • Small business and economic development
  • Environmental education and monitoring
  • Language acquisition of English to children
  • Community psychology
  • Network analysis of community resilience
  • livelihoods

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