Education as a Path of Defense

Education as a Path of Defense: Arming the world with knowledge -by Suzy Marselis Could there be a war that doesn’t know defeated man? A peaceful fight, in which we all would win? Should that not be the only war we fight? Wars are fought today, all around the world. Wars with winners and losers, butContinue reading “Education as a Path of Defense”

Step 3: Adopting “Local Language”

The Tasajera Summer School project remains in Phase 1 – Community Engagement phase, and will move to Phase 2 – Program Development – on January 14, 2016. In accordance with the project action plan, the selection of “Learning Areas” was carried out by the local Committee of Information and Development. This update is about the challenges faced during PhaseContinue reading “Step 3: Adopting “Local Language””

Step 2: Establish local organization

The progress in Tasajera Island has been consistent, but a bit slow. This is not something negative, because community engagement should not be rushed; enough time should be allocated to engage with all people in the community. It is important to understand their issues, needs, and priorities. I’ve been in El Salvador for one month now,Continue reading “Step 2: Establish local organization”