Education as a Path of Defense

Education as a Path of Defense: Arming the world with knowledge -by Suzy Marselis Could there be a war that doesn’t know defeated man? A peaceful fight, in which we all would win? Should that not be the only war we fight? Wars are fought today, all around the world. Wars with winners and losers, butContinue reading “Education as a Path of Defense”

Arriving to Tasajera

Rain had been pouring in El Salvador for 2 days already by the time me, Carlos Escalante, and volunteers from His Children Foundation, were on the road to Tasajera last Saturday Oct. 17. It had been one year and two months since I last saw Carlos, and he picked me up outside the house I was stayingContinue reading “Arriving to Tasajera”

EMANA August 2014

Summary From July 31st to August 25th, I, Daniel Teodoro, was in El Salvador to work on a mission in the impoverished community in the Tasajera Island, off the coast of La Paz. My work involved gathering a group of 10 college students, national and international, to visit Tasajera to work on 3 main projects:Continue reading “EMANA August 2014”