Daniel Teodoro

Daniel Teodoro




M.Sc. Environmental Science and Policy:
Central European University

B.S. Geography – Environmental Science:
Mansfield University,
United States


English (fluent)
Spanish (native)
French (intermediate)

Daniel Teodoro is the founder and Senior Director of EMANA – El Salvador. He began serving the people of Tasajera community in La Paz in 2008 as a volunteer English teacher. He moved to the United States in 2010 to attend college. He holds an Master’s degree on Environmental Science and Policy and a Bachelor’s degree on Geography. During his sophomore year in college Daniel had the idea of EMANA as a non-profit initiative that would assist the Tasajera community in mitigating the socioeconomic effects of commercial over-fishing.

Daniel’s passion for international connectivity led him to a graduate program in Budapest, Hungary, where he sharpened and gained skills to assess environmental degradation and its impact on vulnerable rural communities. His research interests focuses on the relationship between environment and human communities, specially interested in the measurement of sustainability indicators.

Past projects

Daniel’s MSc Thesis “Governing socio-ecological systems: the role of information capital in community indicator systems – 2015