Fish farm development

Tasajera is currently going through its worse economic depression. According to government data, from 2005 to 2015, fish catch in Tasajera has decreased %90.37,  which has exacerbated poverty levels and food insecurity in the region.  In a recent study, 43% of the households interviewed said their economic condition had worsened, while only 10.4% said it had improved.

EMANA has followed the economic decline of Tasajera Island for 8 years and are committed to join together with partners in the United States to build a Tilapia Fish Farm in cooperation with the MILEJ church and its Pastor Aristides Arce, as a means to provide income opportunities to the local population.

Project Plans:

The project will:

  • Improve food security in Tasajera Island
  • Have the capacity to raise 6,000 fish every 3.5 months (3 cycles per year)
  • Produce a yearly revenue of $3,675
  • Provide workshops for community members to replicate the project


cost/unit No. of units total
Fence & set up
Fence $4,450 1 $4,450
Initial Cost
10x10m tanks $2,283 3 $6,848
1 Water Pump $350 1 $350
Pumping system $200 1 $200
3,000 baby fish & food $200 3 $600
Food (per cycle) $275 3 $825
Energy cost $55 12 $660
Biologist consultant
Compensation per month $300 12 $3,600
Organic garden materials
Seeds $60 1 $60
Wood $100 1 $100
Unforseen $1,946 10% $1,769
Total $19,462


Project Partners:

Chad Barton

Project Partner
Houston, PA, USA

Daniel Teodoro

EMANA, founder
Field Project Coordinator
El Salvador

Aristides Arce
Project Local Coordinator
Isla Tasajera, El Salvador