Emana is definitely a must-live experience for all people that want to be part of an enriching opportunity to grow and become better human beings in value and action. Here are some of Emana personal descriptions for you to have a glimpse of the enriching adventure inviting you to change in a positive way. Enjoy!

Comments from our volunteers

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“I think we should all work serving others at least once in our life, leave our comfortable bed, our relaxing couch, our entertaining cellphone and  stand up and do something for other people.  Leave our comfort zone, to have some respect for the people that live a completely different life to ours and give them joy and service in different ways. The Emana Tasajera Camp was a whole new experience for me, I dare to tell that was the most enriching week of my life, I made new friends and gather hundreds of new experiences from all of them.”

Luis Rodriguez – El Salvador

“On Tasajera Island I connected fully with the earth, with the power of nature, the cycle of life and the energy of many inspiring individuals. I am intensely grateful for the experiences I shared on the island with the inhabitants and the volunteers and I am sincerely happy that I was able to make a contribution to the community with my mapping skills. I learned about a different way of life, a new culture, a new language and I made many friends. Gracias EMANA, por una experiencia tan chiva!”

Suzanne Marselis – The Netherlands

10616084_711046348931401_9196968053439227680_n“My Emana experience has changed my life forever. Being given this special opportunity to work with a group of amazing individuals from different countries and backgrounds reaffirmed my belief that diverse groups of people can work together to make a positive contribution. From the moment I stepped off of the plane in El Salvador, I was impressed and moved by the welcoming spirit of the Salvadorans as well as the group members from the Netherlands and Brazil. Their willingness to work with me, to explain Salvadoran history, politics, and society and to translate Spanish to English and vice versa—so that I could participate in group discussions and talk with the villagers—demonstrated a sense of international interconnection that made me realize that language does not have to be a barrier to cooperation or friendship.

While living and working with the amazing group of individuals who went to Tasajera, as well as the islanders, I experienced the joy and sense of fulfillment that comes from working in service of one another. I came away from this experience with new friends, family, brothers, and sisters. Emana has shown me that greater good may be advanced when we work together as equals. The work and the experiences I had with Emana in Tasajera have left me with an unquenchable sense of duty to do my part in helping to make this world a better place.”

Jason White – Mansfield, PA, USA

 “EMANA was an opportunity to be immersed in a new cultural reality that has its unique dynamic, to share with like-minded people who are change driven, in the hope of working together for the development of projects that will address the needs of the people of Tasajera and open doors for social, economic, and spiritual growth. To me, being part of EMANA has been a transformative journey that has instilled in me a greater sense of compassion, love, service and creative collaboration. It has taught me the important lesson that even if we don’t have much, we must give to others the best of what we have, out of love. It has also showed me that each human being has so much to offer to others and to their communities but that many times we are disempowered by the belief that we are not good enough, or that we haven’t received formal training, or that I am not educated enough, or that I am in poverty, or that I need to receive before I can give. We all have so much to offer to others, and I am always surprised at how much each individual can impact other people’s lives; as a group there is so much we can do for others and so much we can learn from others, so that together we all learn and move toward growth and greater harmony through unity in the love of God.”

 Claudio Kriegel – Brasil

 “In this place I found a whole purpose in my life regarding others and myself. Interacting with the people in the island gave me a clear vision of work that has to be done in order to build a better place and grow with the love of God in a special direction and be thankful for his creation. Emana experience in the island provided me the opportunity to make new friends and find myself helping in a variety of ways.”

Francis Escalante – El Salvador

descarga (4)
‘Tasajera Experience’’ with a group of awesome people!
 “This summer I went with a group of (international) students from both El Salvador and other countries to an amazing Island in El Salvador. As soon as we arrived on the Island with our luggage and other stuff, we felt immediately very welcome in this community. During our stay, we did several projects together with the community of Tasajera. For instance, we played various games on the beach, cleaned the roads, helped with gardening and cooking, and mapped almost the entire Island. Furthermore, we were playing music all the time together with the community. I believe this was a great experience for all of us! Music brings people together. Even if I did not speak Spanish fluently, I felt really connected with the community of Tasajera. 

 Also, my experiences with the group of volunteers were great! It was great to experience a special bond with every member of the group. While most of the volunteers had not seen each other before, in a few days we created a close cohesion within the group. Our group had different qualities that were useful for teaching and informing the community about Tourism and the development of the Women’s Organization. We had the feeling that we both could learn from each other in various ways and could help the community through our knowledge in topics such as Geography, Tourism, Communication, Cooking and Gardening.

One of my favourite parts of the day was our morning yoga sessions on the beach! Every morning at 7.00am, before breakfast, we did our morning exercise like stretching and swimming. This was awesome!! Hearing the waves, feeling the heat of the morning sun and the quietness really inspired me. In the end, being on the Island was an experience that I will never forget. “

Fiona Wolzak – The Netherlands

Es muy difícil describir una semana en un pedazo de papel, y aún más la experiencia vivida. Empezando por la calidad de personas con las que compartí esta experiencia, naturalmente, Me resulta difícil confiar en alguien, y en especial en un grupo de personas que nunca he visto en mi vida, pero la convivencia, la isla y sus habitantes, te hacen entrar en razón que en ese momento son una gran familia, disfuncional de cierta forma, cada uno con sus propias características y cualidades únicas, que los convierte en grandes seres humanos.

Respecto a Isla Tasajera, es uno de los lugares más hermosos y mágicos en los que he estado en mi vida, la gente y su forma de vida, te hace entrar en razón que otra realidad está frente a tus ojos. Considero que la semana que pase en isla Tasajera fue una de las semanas en las que mi espíritu recibió más alimento, servir a alguien más te vuelve más humano, hacer cosas nuevas y estar en lugares nuevos te expande la mente de una manera inimaginable.

Es probable que nunca vuelva ver a algunas personas con las que conviví esa semana, pero el recuerdo, los momento y la experiencia queda en mi corazón, guardada con mucho aprecio. Lo aprendido, queda para toda la vida, en el fondo creo que eso es lo que más importa.

Gerardo Luna – El salvador

descarga (5)La mayoría de veces, en la ciudad, no se puede apreciar la belleza de la individualidad de cada ser humano porque hay barreras que nos apartan de quienes somos en relación al prójimo, llenándonos de superficialidades y egocentrismos. El ambiente de la Isla Tasajera permite despejar la mente de aspectos innecesarios de la vida urbana corriente, se respira aire nuevo e inspirador, el cual te invita cada mañana a ser actor y director de tu propia experiencia. La experiencia de la semana de Agosto Emana estimula en especial la unicidad y creatividad de cada joven participante, ya que nos sitúa en una realidad distinta a la cual debemos adaptarnos, junto a personas de culturas y aprendizajes distintos, con las que debemos aprender a convivir.

La Isla te cautiva con su naturaleza, de alguna manera te das cuenta que cada día que pasa estas un poquito más cerca de la tierra. Despertar en la isla es emocionante, amaneces con energías renovadas y una sonrisa en tu rostro, listo para una aventura diferente cada día. Formar parte de esta iniciativa me ha brindado la oportunidad de conocer a personas con las que sé que puedo contar y de quienes puedo aprender mucho. También, a través de las actividades Emana, la organización de proyectos y actividades, he tenido la oportunidad de ser partícipe creativo de mi aprendizaje.

Carlos Escalante – El Salvador

10616084_711046348931401_9196968053439227680_n“Despite being an organizer for the Emana trip to isla Tasajera, I prepared myself to be surprised. I went there knowing that I was not in control of the situation, that whatever was going to happen it was going to be real. This year’s Emana experience was special, we were the largest group ever staying in Tasajera for that amount of time. Our group consisted of people that wanted to be part of something good, something they believe in. I discovered that when you organize an event where people are aligned on a single vision, people are willing to learn from each other and understand each other and ourselves. I will never forget what we experienced together and the friendships that were made. I am the luckiest one to be able to host amazing people.”

Daniel Teodoro – El Salvador

And so on, there are many other Emana special descriptions that invite us and give us that introduction of what experiencing Emana means. You can be an Emana member and we encourage you to contact us and join the international community in the following address: emana.elsalvador@gmail.com


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