Tasajera Summer School project

Project Coordinator(s):

  • Suzanne Marselis (USA)
  • Daniel Teodoro (El Salvador)
  • Edgar Hita (Spain)
  • Aristides Arce (Tasajera, ESV)

Timeframe:December 2014 – August 2016
Status: Completed

The Tasajera Summer School project is meant to respond to the deteriorating education in Tasajera Island, El Salvador. In the last 15 years the local public school has been consistently underfunded due to the impoverished condition of the community. This project aims to partner with the community to co-host a summer school program that will invite foreign and national teachers and volunteers to train community members during the summer with relevant skills to address the community’s priorities and needs.

For project plan and detailed information Visit project page.

Collaborative Collection Campaign – CCC

Project Director: Jason White
Timeframe:April 2015 – October 2015
Status: Completed (October 17, 2015)

For project plan and detailed information Visit project page.

Community Assessment & women development

Project Director: Carlos Escalante
Timeframe:April 2014 – December 2014
Status: Completed
The “Artisans of the Sea” project began in mid-June 2014, this was a process of responding to the situation of economic and social vulnerability that women face in Tasajera. The project assumes that through collective action aimed at developing skills to make craft jewelry, women begin their process of personal empowerment, and have the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with other group members. This project involved the formation of a group of 23 young local community, including aged between 15 and 25 years, which would be integrated to create one of the community first women’s exclusive organizations.

Visit project page.

SFP-Sustainable Food Production

Project Director: Daniel Teodoro
Timeframe:August 2012 – August 2016
Status: Ongoing
The SFP project aims to introduce the rural community of Tasajera Island to more efficient and advanced forms of food productions such as Aquaponics and Permaculture. The decline in fish catch is not unique to San Rafael Tasajera, and it’s known to affect communities throughout the coast of El Salvador. Increased industrial fishing and environmental degradation has greatly affected their ecosystems. The goal of this project is to facilitate knowledge and resources of new and energy efficient methods of food production to Tasajera inhabitants (i.e. workshops and classes).

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