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MAY 2, 2015: Shipment is on its way to Miami, FL where it will be transported to El Salvador via Sea.
Mission accomplished. My work here is done. Next stop for the donations: Miami and then on to El Salvador.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this and supported the project in some way. Thank you to everyone who wanted to support the project but was prevented by university or corporate politics. I appreciate your moral support.
Thank you everyone.
This is the project director, Jason A. White, signing off.

Mansfield University Press release: Read Article (MU News)


MANSFIELD, PA— The Collection Collaboration Campaign, a service project conducted by Mansfield University students, has reached a successful conclusion.Collection Collaboration Campaign

More than 40 volunteers, led by Project Director Jason White and Assistant Project Director Colton Long collected clothing, arts and crafts and children’s toys for El Salvador and Tioga County over the past month. The donations were sorted and packaged as part of MU’s Big Event community-wide service day on April 18.



EMANA would like to expand its positive impact in San Rafael Tasajera with this new project. We have a unique opportunity to engage in a project that will benefit people in need within El Salvador, the United States, and beyond. This project will benefit the village of San Rafael Tasajera with donations of warm-weather clothes, craft supplies, and early childhood development items. At the same time, EMANA will benefit the town and surrounding communities of Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA, through the collection and donation of cold-weather clothing items such as coats, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and boots. Through a network of sponsors and supporters we have set up collection points, where from March 21st to April 16th we will collect donations, which will be sent to EMANA in El Salvador to later distribute them to the village of San Rafael Tasajera. It is in this way that individuals from these two different nations are coming together to simultaneously help people in both countries. We believe that together, bit by bit, we can make this world a better place.


  • Collect 250 pieces of warm-weather clothing (including: shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses), 100 art and craft items, and 50 early childhood development items during a six week collection campaign and ship them to EMANA in El Salvador where the items will be distributed in the village of San Rafael Tasajera, El Salvador.
  • Collect 150 pieces of cold-weather clothing (including coats, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, and boots) during the six week collection campaign to be donated to local charities in and around the town of Mansfield, Pennsylvania.


Meet Our Sponsors and Supporters:


Mansfield University Student Conduct and Service Office
Thank you to the Mansfield University Kelchner Fitness Center for contributing volunteers to monitor collection sites.
Thank you to the Lowe’s in Mansfield, Pennsylvania for donating the boxes for our collection sites.
First Citizens Community Bank in Troy, Pennsylvania.

Meet Our Team:

Jason WhiteJasonB
Project Director, USA
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Mansfield University – Student
B.A. Philosophy (Senior)

Colton LongColtonLong
Assistant Project Director, USA
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Mansfield University


Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Mansfield University

Mansfield University Staff Contact for
Project Oversight, USA
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA
Mansfield University

International Group

Carlos Escalante
His Children (NGO)
San Salvador, El Salvador
UCA University

Fiona Wolzak
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam
Mansfield University (’13)


Meet the Community:


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