Tasajera Summer School

This Project has been completed! Thank you for your support!.

We developed an educational project in Tasajera in the summer (2016)! We identified education as one of the highest development priorities for the Tasajeran people. The project “Tasajera Summer School ” brought together international and national volunteers, community teachers, and young community students in a collaborative learning environment aimed to equip the local community with the educational resources they need.

In collaboration with: SolDeTasajera


To host a summer school program for community youth and adults to facilitate training in relevant development areas, as expressed by the community, for a period of 8 weeks.

Summer School Project model:

The emerging educational model we developed is based on extensive local engagement (interviews and surveys of the community and stakeholders). The result was a total of 7 priority learning foci: 5 local priority areas (Computers, English, Reading and Writing, Water, and Ecotourism), 1 recommended learning area (Permaculture), and 1 educational area of interest (Mechanics).

School model_communityTasajera Summer School Model – 7 learning areas

Sumer School Objectives:

  • Train 60-70 community members in the 7 priority learning areas
  • Invite and host international and national volunteers to teach in Tasajera
  • Facilitate innovative learning spaces and information-sharing platforms
  • Monitor educational performance in community and evaluate the relationships between education and development in Tasajera

Calendar and Scheduling:

The summer school will take place from June 13 – August 7, 2016 (8 weeks) in Tasajera Island, El Salvador. Classes will take place at the local school and some workshops will take place at Sol de Tasajera facilities.

School Schedule


Volunteers are being called to teach or assist in any learning area for an ideal period of at least 2 weeks. If someone can volunteer for less than 2 weeks, some accommodations can me made.


Feel free to contact any organizer or person involved for questions. For people interested in volunteering with us, check out the application form page.

Daniel Teodoro

EMANA, founder
Field Project Coordinator
El Salvador

Suzanne Marselis

Project Director
PhD Earth Science – student
University of Maryland, USA

Edgar Hita
Spain Project Coordinator
Sol de Tasajera
UAH – Spain

Aristides Arce
Project Local Coordinator
Isla Tasajera, El Salvador

More on this project:

[READ a review of the local school conditions]

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