Suzanne Marselis



PhD student Geography:
University of Maryland

Msc. Earth Science:
University of Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Bsc. Earth Science:
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Dutch (native)
English (fluent)
Spanish (intermediate)

Suzanne Marselis became an EMANA representative in January 2014, emerging from her desire to help other people. As soon as she heard about the EMANA initiative she was intrigues by its vision and values and decided she wanted to be part of it in any way she could. Her first large on-location contribution was during the EMANA voluntary week in the summer of 2014, when she guided the development of a touristic map of the island, along with taking part in all other EMANA activities.

In December 2015 she initiated the ‘I want to build a school with this guitar’ project during a journey through New Zealand and Australia, inspired by her desire to keep serving the people in need on the island of Tasajera and her unconditional trust in the importance of education to address the roots and find solutions for many problems. At the moment she is involved in the implementation of the school project from her new base in the United States.