The Making of Summer School in Tasajera

One and a half years ago the Tasajera Summer School Project had its beginning; it started with an idea. Now that we find ourselves executing the project, I can only think of the phrase “making dreams come true.”

The reality of this dream is not only for us (the project directors), but it’s equally a dream come true to the 45 students who are currently learning Computers and English through this project. As you can see in the video update  below, the students are learning a lot already and have the desire to learn much more.

At the moment, only Suzy Marselis and I (Daniel) are teaching classes in Tasajera, but very soon the Spanish volunteers form the University of Alcala de Henares are arriving to lead Reading and Writing, Nursing, and Organic Gardening classes.

Cooperacion Diagrama

If asked how did we make this project happen, I would say there is no definite recipe for it. I can surely say, however, that everything depends on good networking and being open to collaborate with others.

Key actors in the organization of this event are: Pastor Aristides Arce, a community leader who facilitates our communication with the local school; Glenda Olmedo, one of the local school teachers who represents the school for our project; Suzanne Marselis, a Dutch PhD student that wrote the project proposal and raised funds; Edgar Hita, a Spanish director of cooperation in Central America from the UAH in Spain who facilitates Spanish volunteers to Tasajera Island.

In addition, there are countless people who helped this project start, from those who provided research to those who contributed financially, and even those who gave much needed moral support or wise advice. We are eternally grateful to all, but the people in Tasajera Island are truly grateful!

Security and Development

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La isla Tasajera es uno de los lugares mas seguros de el mundo por la razón de que esta protegida por Dios en esta comunidad existen cuatro iglesias en las que muchas personas se reúnen cada tarde para adorar a Dios y una seguridad terrenal que la compone la policía nacional civil.

Por la comunidad de la isla Tasajera puedes ir sin temor que alguien te pueda agredir físicamente, que te pueda robar tus pertenencias prueba de ello es que algunos turistas que visitan la isla todos comentan que este lugar tiene una hermosa naturaleza que la componen un manglar , estero de Jaltepeque, el rio Lempa, la playa de la isla también un gran atractivo que es un vivero de tortugas y la seguridad que es algo de lo que se van muy encantados por que pueden caminar por toda la comunidad a cualquier hora ya sea en el dia o también por la noche algo que les hace sentirse mucho mas relajados y disfrutar mas su paseo.

Falta de Desarrollo

Esta comunidad cuenta con mucha naturaleza pero con escasos recursos para el desarrollo de la educación y la formación principalmente de los niños que es tan importante para su futuro. Esta formación muchas veces se ve cortada por la falta de recursos económicos ya que tienen que salir de la isla lo cual genera altos gastos de dinero y que la mayoría no tienen a consecuencia de esto dejan los estudios.

escrito por Jeremias Carmona



Tasajera Island in El Salvador is one of the safest places on the world, because it is protected by God. This community houses four churches that many people attend to; they gather every evening to worship God. There is also a physical security force: Police.

You can go around the Tasajera community without fear of being mugged or being a victim at all, proof of this is that many tourists that come to the island comment that this place is beautiful in all its forms. The natural beauty of Tasajera is composed by giant mangroves, the Jaltepeque Bay, the River Lempa, and its beautiful virgin beach side. Tasajera also houses a turtle shelter, which is a main tourist attraction. Overall, safety is one thing people leave happy with, because they can walk through the community at any time of the day or night, which makes them feel more relaxed to enjoy their visit.

Lack of Development

This community is an amazing natural gem, but has very little resources to provide proper education to its inhabitants. Children are not being given the right formation; they are the future of Tasajera. Education standard is directly linked to the lack of economic resources, and leads people to leave the community in search of a better education opportunity. Yet, only a handful can afford this, so most children and young people decide to drop out of school.

written by Jeremias Carmona