El Salvador – August 2022

EMANA is planning a trip to El Salvador in 2022. The last EMANA trip there was in 2018 (trip summary).

The purpose: is to facilitate the interaction between scientists, entrepreneurs, and sustainable development enthusiasts to identify and design solutions to problems in El Salvador.

A trip to El Salvador would take place in the second quarter of 2022 (April – June) and it will be 15 days, divided in the following way:

Part 1: Lake Coatepeque

Connecting with nature and one another

We will spend 2-3 days in the beautiful crater lake Coatepeque, which is 45 min north-west from the capital San Salvador.

Here we get to learn about the natural landscapes and geography of El Salvador. No better place to do that than a crater lake, a place that speaks to the volcanic nature of El Salvador.

Part 2: Suchitoto town

Engaging with the local culture

We travel to the quaint and colorful town of Suchitoto, known for its cultural heritage and colonial-era architecture.

In Suchitoto, we get to know the Salvadoran people, the entrepreneurial spirit and the kind culture.

A day here could include breakfast in the central market, meeting the local cultural and education board, and enjoying from local entertainment opportunities.

As a team, here is where we take the time discuss our next steps: our participation in the sustainability conference.

Part 3: The Conference

Let’s join the Salvadoran youth

We are co-hosts of the Sustainability Conference in San Salvador. Here we have the chance to connect with Salvadorans at the forefront of the social and economic revolution.

The conference is designed to exchange knowledge and experiences between Salvadorans and foreigners; in equal amounts. The goal is to identify synergies of projects that accelerate sustainable development in El Salvador.

Part 4: The Beach

Keeping the best for last

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Want to come with us?