CCC donations arrive to Tasajera

Progress notice:

On Tuesday September  29, after many months of shipping logistics, coordination with our partners “HisChildren foundation”, and government paperwork (which required working lawyers to get the shipment approved with the President of El Salvador’s Office, the donations from Mansfield University have arrived to the island of Tasajera. We are awaiting further details and pictures of the final delivery. We will soon be ready to distribute the donations to people in need on the island.

Here is a message by Senior EMANA Director, Daniel Teodoro, thanking the volunteers for their hard work.

Dear friends,
Today we are close to see the fruit of a diligent, patient, and collaborative work. I received confirmation that the donations from “Collection Collaboration Campaign,” from Mansfield University, PA arrived to Tasajera Island. This is something that deserves attention.
Without knowing each other, we were all willing to “chip in” and to act in faith for a reason. There are many things I have seen throughout this process, and they deserve our attention, and for those of us who dream to make a difference in the world, there are many things to reflect upon:

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Jason White, from Mansfield University, for being brave enough to “test the waters” of international aid with this idea. May this international effort encourage you and make you more determined to overcome the processes of helping those who need it the most, overcoming communication, language, and bureaucratic challenges. I know we can entrust you with this victory, to do the right thing and emanate your own light to those in PA to forge lasting connections and build peace and prosperity one community at a time.

Kurt, founder of HisChildren Foundation, and the entire foundation deserves full recognition for their willingness, their almost blind support, and for their true missionary heart even without being completely aware of what Tasajera community means to some of us, and what exactly CCC stands for. Your heart and your staff will never be forgotten, and you will receive your reward for being a role model for us and the country when it comes to serving the poor.

Roger, CEO of Sistemas Aereos, a God given friend. Only someone who knows the value of helping and the need there is in El Salvador, would do something like you did. God has put you in that position to be a blessing to others and is exactly what you are to the people of Tasajera and to us. May God repay what I will never be able to, donating the transportation from Miami, FL to El Salvador for FREE, with abundant blessings for your family and business.

EMANA stands only as the collective name for a network of young “dreamers” who believe help has no borders, and that desire and will is the only requirement for helping communities. We believe that by doing so, we “emanate” the light of God to others – there is a lot to learn and grow before we can reach the impact we want to have in El Salvador and the world. Good start.
Whether you know it or not, this is a very significant achievement.

The fruit of this project is yet to be fully seen, as we learn more about how to help others, I dare to say we may have gained an significant ally in the coalition against poverty in El Salvador: Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Let’s not underestimate the significance of this project, as it serves as a trial or test for what is yet to come.
Special thanks to Kurt, Steve, Carlos, Roger, Jason, and Mary for everything.

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Daniel Teodoro

First “Evaluation” of the work with the women of the island

If I let the last three visits of the Tasajera-island go through my mind I have to say: It`s really worth!

I feel that there is much potential in the meetings with the women. Considering that it is a process of forming a group, especially of Salvadorian women, who are a bit shy, I think that we already reached a lot. Evidence of this are commentaries which made some of them:

“The group for me significates getting out of bad vibras and have a place of sharing.”

“For me, the group is a space to laugh, to create, to talk and to learn more.”

These are testimonies which reflect a bit what I feel. Apart I have the impression that the women of the island have the necessity to have a group which helps them to escape for some hours from their environment and have time for themselves in a “protected” place with persons who appreciate them as they are. Even topics which we could work with them already are coming up.

For me there are varies aims which already are reached partly and which we can achieve further on: Capacitate them to earn a bit of money extra and give them like this a economic income, which not only significates economic advantage, but also being a bit independent of men, showing that they are able to move on; offer them this special place of sharing, create ties and profundity of relations, which encourages a lot; have the space to make aware of topics like identity, dignity, treat of specimen, sexuality, and so on.

It is a pity, that we can only get there every two weeks – considering the economic limits as much as time limits of the voluntaries – because I think that it would be necessary to meet every week to fortify the group, the relations and making more progress in the process. Nevertheless I am really happy that we have this possibility to improve a bit their and our reality and keep walking with spirit.

– A message written by Claudia (Germany) volunteer in the Artesanas del Mar project.